Body Image

Growing up in most African cultures you're told to eat. An elder who's feeding you maybe your mom, grandma or cousin will say "look at you, you're so skinny, eat" These words were used as an insult, to maybe persuade you to eat a little more because being skinny was deemed the worst possible state of being. And when you're skinny other kids would use statements like "look at your hips sticking out like thorns" or they would say something sassy about your collarbone, these were all meant as insults. Bad words. In fact, one day when my grandpa was reminiscing about how far he had come, with so much pride he said: "look at me now, I have all these cattle, and businesses and my children are fat". Eating a fat based diet is part of my culture, to these day bone marrow is one of my favourite things to eat. I'm not going to go into detail about all the strangely delicious African delicacies, that's a whole blog post on its own.

Being raised in an environment where being skinny was an abomination and then sitting down to watch a television show where some skinny American girl is on a diet and counting calories, I always had conflicting views on how my body should look like. As your mind yoyo's between being afraid of being too skinny and being afraid of being too fat, so does the body.

The best thing you can do is accept your body for how it is in every moment of every single day. Workout and eat a balanced diet. Maybe have occasional bone marrow or whatever tickles your fancy.

I encourage you all to interact with me. Different views and oppinions are always welcome.


6 thoughts on “Body Image”

  1. This to how I thought of many ways to try and get me out if eating from feeling sick to fainting because I just couldn’t take it all in, from a cup of “omaere” to a whole bowl of porridge with omaere and a big piece of meat. BTW that’s just one meal at a time in a day 🤣🤣. Love all that you are and all whom you are will come out to play! Thanks babe

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