You are meditating on that?

I get it; social media is the millennial’s absolute fav past time. We are moving from snap chat to Instagram and Twitter with a click of a button. Memes are my absolute favourite, and I’m actually trying to introduce a new post on here called  Meme of the day. I find myself laughing outrageously in public because of memes. I’m a blogger, so I’m not about to exclude myself from this madness. I’ve been noticing a lot of memes that actually are not ok to our mental health, and they are written in a funny, jokey way, so we don’t pay attention to the detrimental effect they have on our emotional strength. For example:

“My Milkshake brings all the

emotionally unavailable, narcissistic,

selfish, commitment-phobes

to the yard.”

This is a meme that’s supposed to be funny, and we laugh and keep swiping after hours of scrolling you don’t realise you’re letting this junk into your subconscious mind. Are you meditating on that? Soon you’ll start believing you attract these kinds of people that you’re broke and have anxiety. Once you believe it, you speak it and this How about this:

“How broke are you?

McDonald’s ice cream machine.”

Whatever you spend your time thinking about, joking about, reading about is who you become. Many thought leaders know this. Many self-help books will tell you this as well. There is power in your thoughts. I find that going offline real helps. I take a week sometimes just one day without social media. Whats fantastic is that every time I take time off, and I feel like swiping, I take a moment to pray or meditate on my favourite verse this helps me to ground me in my faith and replaces the negative thoughts with positive ones, and I guarantee it’ll work for you too.  Of course, there are positive aspects of social media we get to share knowledge, interact with people far across the globe.

Be mindful of what you’re allowing into mental space because it will transcend to other areas of your life.

Have a great weekend!  😉


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