A Story I’ve been reluctant to share

Help me understand this…

A few weeks ago I went for drinks with a colleague after work. The trendy downtown restaurant was packed, it was game night. I sat at the bar my friend to my left and two friendly white men to my right. The two tables to my colleague’s right were reserved. We enjoyed ourselves for a good 15 minutes before my colleague had to rush out. I decided to stay a for a bit, I knew some of the staffers.

This black man came in, and the only available spot was next to me. The sat him down, and his whole energy was just off. He was acting like I’m beneath him or something. After a few moments, he asked to be moved. The staff told him there is no other spot. He had them call the manager and whispered something in his ear. The manager said he couldn’t move him. After he had complained countless times, they finally moved the two reserved seats between us, and he was seated on the far end of the bar.

The waiters were shocked! They asked me if I knew him. I said “No”. One of the waiters brought me a drink on the house. How do you tell the world that you were discriminated against by a black man for being a black woman?

9 thoughts on “A Story I’ve been reluctant to share”

  1. This is really bad for you. Who does he think he is? He was just being a fool and a lost man. What makes you think you’re better then the other beacause of your skin colour? People haven’t learnt a thing. I’m so dissapointed for his action.


  2. First sorry about the shocking experience you had. This is the exact thing I have been saying about discrimination. Especially, black on black I.e (Africans) in abroad.
    We have been so brain washed by whites, that we look down at our skin.
    I remember the 1st time i experienced discrimination here in Australia, was from a black sister who’s from Kenya. If there’s one thing I admire about whites is that no matter what they look out for themselves more before looking out for others. Africans/Blacks need to learn to appreciate one and another.

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  3. This is really shocking.i have never thought black people could descriminate against each other but i too have experienced it here in Toronto.your experience was a bit different from mine though,i ussually would expect that reaction from a woman.but then again this guy might have had his reasons for doing that.lets say maybe he is in a relationship or married to a very jealous woman,the scene of him sitting in a restaurant with another woman,might turn into something bad.maybe he might have had a bad experience with strangers in the past .


  4. Am so sorry Odo”Love” but am so disappointed by his actions, He has no respect and God forgive him..what goes around comes around and he will soon be treated same way he did to you..

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