Down The Rabbit Hole


While I was sitting on the bus today, I caught myself thinking about how a few weeks ago another driver wouldn’t let me off the bus at the traffic lights. I didn’t know the bus was detouring and I had missed my stop.This particular driver was so rude to me even though I asked him nicely. to let me off. I was so upset that day. When I remembered that scenario I was mentally back in that moment. So much so that I got so angry all over again! So mad that I wished that driver was miserable in his life!

It may have been a natural reaction for me to be upset. To be angry at that moment. That bus driver may have been wrong to be rude to me. But for me to relive that moment and hold on to my anger was my choice. To be unforgiving and wish that he was miserable was a sin. In fact who was benefitting from me to holding on to this outrage? That man was not there, in fact, he could have been somewhere sunny on the beach sipping on an ice-cold cocktail. Here I was in freezing cold Toronto angry at him because he did not let me off the bus.

It sounds ridiculous now to you because you’re not the one on the chopping board, but let’s face it; We do this all the time! Remeber the cliched phrase that “Forgiveness is for you and not the other person”?  This is what they mean by it. If you refuse to forgive, you’re only hurting yourself and no one else.

I had a moment of weakness and slipped down the rabbit hole, but I caught myself before bitterness could erode my soul. Forgive us our sin as we forgive those who sin against us…

Enjoy Your Weekend!

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