Sisterhood to me means women coming together and empowering each other. It means having a sister’s back, defending her honour even when her back is turned. Defying the catty stereotype.

You may wonder why bother? Because we are stronger together. Imagine what we can achieve if we put down our claws and really got down to the business of helping each other take over boardrooms, politics, stock markets, arts, science… If you combine this with our compassion for humanity, our intuition and our motherly instincts that incomprehensibly powerful.

The reason why I’m addressing this is that for generations we’ve been fighting each other for crumbs. Fighting each other for the attention of men (Yikes! been there, done that) and many other petty reasons. Y’all know what I’m talking about the unnecessary shadiness to women you barely know.

Isn’t the battle hard enough for us? Why do we have to make each other fight twice the struggle? You go out into the workplace as woman underestimated, undervalued and underpaid and then come back to your social life to shady encounters from sisters who are fighting the very same battles. Why? We are better than this.

Watch Zimbabwean born actress Danai Gurira express my sentiments better than I could ever in her essence speech


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