Take A Journey Back To Yourself


I remember the time when you were so joyful? Remember when your laughter came from the core of your soul? Remeber when life excited you so much you had butterflies and your heart warmed up at the simplest of things? The good old days?

I popped in today to ask you to make a journey back to your old self. Your happiness matters. Your excitement for life matters. We all get knocked down by life and lose ourselves, making this journey back to your authenticity, to your joyful self is just as important as climbing the corporate ladder or graduating school or pursuing your wildest dreams, if not more important. In fact, I believe that you’re not yet successful until you’ve made this journey.

This will not happen overnight. It takes time to lose yourself, and it’ll take time to rediscover what makes you happy. Just do the things you’re curious about, the what ifs. You’ll be nervous at first, scared to death even. Do it anyway. Learn how to comfort yourself, when you’re low,  how to make yourself laugh without hesitation and how to love your own company, your body, your “flaws”.  No one will ever do this for you. No person can fill that void for you. You have to do the work.

It’ll take time, but I believe in you. Have a blessed day.

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