Don’t Ask Nelson For That

“Make me numb Nelson make me numb.”

In the words of the fictional character Sarafina

(as she looked at a photo of Nelson Mandela.  From the movie Sarafina;a young South African girl growing up during apartheid. If you haven’t watched the film go watch it).

The phrase has become an inside joke between my friends and I. Not because its funny but because its all we can do to keep us from crying. Keep us from feeling…

Isn’t it that what we do though? Do everything in our power to keep us from feeling? I mean that’s exactly what I’ve been doing all summer numbing. I’ve been depriving myself of feeling the fear of chasing my dream to be published and so many other big wild crazy dreams. So I partied all summer. Confessions.

According to my good friend Google Numbing is to:
deprive of feeling or responsiveness.

So why do people numb? Shahram Heshmat PhD says the reason is: To avoid feeling negative emotions that are part of being human. That’s the simplest explanation I could find.

We are all human. We feel. We go through our days constantly feeling some sort of negative emotion. Anger, fear, insecurity, anxiety, guilt, sadness, shame and so on. So to avoid feeling these things we turn to things like drugs, alcohol, sex, and even procrastination is a significant form of numbing. I personally found that binge-watching my favourite TV shows helped me forget what I needed to do to get to where I desire to be. So numbing comes up in a lot of different ways.

My point is try your level best to get yourself out of the funk. Ironically the only way out of the funk is to go through the funk. Allow yourself to feel what you feel so you can overcome your feelings!

Don’t ask Nelson to make you numb, rather let his life story of courage inspire you to face your fears.

I have missed ya’ll. Please share your stories with me.

let it