7 Lessons From 2017

7 Lessons From 2017

They say never look back unless you’re trying to see how far you come. I agree and to add to that I say look back and take the gifts with you, lessons are gifts wrapped up in pain.

  1. God. Keep Him number one in all that you do
  2. Go for it! Go for that one thing that you can’t stop thinking about. That something you’re obsessing about.
  3. Forgive, The faster you forgive, the happier you are. Write down in detail everything that hurt you, tear that paper up and never look back.
  4. Love yourself, love your neighbour too! We millennials have forgotten to love and care for one another.
  5. Any cent coming in is better than any cent going out. Multiple streams of income is the way to go. Every little cent counts.
  6. Turn ideas into action. People are out there eating big from their ideas. Put your ideas into action, and you’ll join them.
  7. If not now, when? When are you going to show us your gifts? You owe the world this. You owe yourself, and most importantly you owe God!


Have a prosperous 2018, I pray your cup overflows.

Elegant Me
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