A Dangerous Concept!

A Dangerous Concept!


“I put out a record, and I knew the diss would get some attention. It actually got a response from Jay Z” – 50 cent

This is what 50 Cent said in his 2012 interview with Oprah. The YouTube comment section dubbed this statement as “a dangerous concept”. If you have seen a rap battle, I’m sure you’ve seen a group of kids surrounding two kids who are at lyrical war. With another providing the beat with their psychedelic beatboxing skills. Rap battles shot to another level with the release of diss tracks to purposely envoke anger in one another. The primary purpose of this is record sales. Of course, ego plays a significant role too, but for the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on the monetary gain.

As we all know the black culture is the leading influencer of pop culture, so the concept of dissing is also used on social media to gain attention or followers. Somebody goes onto a celebrity’s page and hits the follow button and then proceeds to provoke them by saying all kinds of negative things to get them to respond. Once they do get the response they get attention, more followers, eventually social media fame which than lead to financial gain if handled correctly.

“I was aiming to get to a million followers. So I said when I hit a million followers, I’m gone roast Kevin Hart for a week until he responds. I hit a million, and I sat down that weekend and went to roasting, he replied in 15 minutes” – DC Young Fly

DC sat down with TV One and explained how he propelled his social media following by dissing Kevin Hart who has over 35 Million followers on Twitter. If Kevin responds to you, that’s millions of people coming to check what you’re about. DC has gone to be an actor in the Christmas movie Almost Christmas starring along heavy hitters like Monique, Gabrielle Union and Danny Glover. That diss got DC attention, yes, but the focus of everyone who came to his page, because of Kevin’s response was on how hard he had worked at his craft and the fact that he is actually talented.

So You might be wondering why is this a dangerous concept? Well, because it involves other people’s feelings duh! And we all know that one person who doesn’t know the limits and cross over to talking about people’s children and pets just to get a rise out of someone. My grandma always said “Don’t be mean to someone or something that can’t defend itself. When people were saying mean-spirited things about Beyonce’s daughter that was crossing the line!

Have a great weekend and in the words of Ellen DeGeneres “Be kind to one another”!



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