A Glimpse of Yourself

A Glimpse of Yourself

So you’re on this path of healing, self-awareness and self-love. You’re growing and taking care of you now. You’re hyper-aware of the quotes and the books written on this topic, and the general consensus is that you’ve got to follow your passion.  God’s will for your life, your Purpose! The birds have a purpose they wake up every morning to their mission; they sing and fly! Imagine what God has for you; Who were instructed to be above all creatures? This is all true, and I wholeheartedly believe in this, but does it take away the frustration of not knowing? No. For some people it’s obvious. They can sing, or they’ve always been able to solve complicated mathematical equations that are above their grade. Then there’s you; you have no clue! So what now?

The truth of the matter is that you’ve caught a glimpse of yourself, but you never took the time to explore that part of you. So part of your journey to self-actualization, you will have to explore every brief perception of yourself.

I’ve always known that I can write on any topic given to me in a continuous writing exam. For those who are not familiar with this, continuous writing was part of our English, Otjiherero or any other language course where we were given a list of topics and had to choose which we would write a story on. What I knew for sure was that I could write a story based on any of these topics. The thing is I had a limited world view, and no one around me was a writer. I tried my best to mould myself to the world presented to me, and I knew I was swimming against the current of what I’m supposed to be doing but What was I supposed to be doing? I had no clue.

Every brief desire. The desires come in different random thoughts. I desired to make people happy, which is a good, Godly desire but without self-love and awareness of boundaries, I became a people pleaser, not good. Your desires are the genetic makeup of who you were created to be. List them all and determine how you can positively impact humanity without debasement.

So combining my talent to my desire; I was created to encourage people through the written word or storytelling. Since we are multifaceted beings, this I just a fraction of who I am made up of small tiny glimpses. Next time you catch a glimpse of yourself hold on to it. That’s a clue.


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