Big Talk

Big Talk


There’s this culture of people talking big and not being able to back it up. Everyone is too busy trying to convince everyone how important they are, how successful they are and how fit they are.

It’s in the little things we do on daily. It’s in body shapers instead of exercising, it’s on social media these perfectly seeming couples, its in the quotes we choose to upload. Everyone is on a mission to prove how they’ve got it together. They know where their life is headed.

Why isn’t anyone talking about their fears?

Why haven’t I told you that I am passionate about writing these blogs, but I have no idea where this might lead. I  want it to take me to a point where I can “secure the bag” for my baby girl and I. I am passionate about screenwriting, but I am super scared of a career in the arts and breaking into this tight-knit industry where you need to know someone to get in. Why am I not telling you that days go by without me writing and even though I am making that active choice of not writing I still wake up in panic scared that I am in my 30’s and I am nowhere near being to where I want to be or where I think I should have been years ago.  If that’s the case why am I spending so much time on social media and not enough time writing and honing my craft?
I know what I need to do to be where I need to be.
We all know what we need to do to be where we want to be. It takes blood sweat and tears. So why not Talk big and work big.

Shonda Rhimes said “If you don’t write every day don’t call yourself a writer” I have no right to call myself a writer. Every day I spend without writing I die Little inside. This is me.

We all should strive to be gold and not be gold pleated big talking our way through life.

Elegant Me
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