My Cheerleaders

My Cheerleaders


I have a lot of wonderful people in my life that believe in me. People that think I am extraordinary even on days that I don’t feel it.

This fantastic support system keeps me going. So when I’m dreaming so big, so wildly! They not only support me but they help me find solutions and throw in ideas and opportunities. We all think these people are rare but are they? Or are we too focused on the haters to really see the jewels in front of us?

I sent my weight loss results to a dear friend of mine, and she was so proud of me she posted the before and after shots onto her social media. She said people were asking her how I did it. I said “well, eating right and working out. It really takes commitment, blood,  sweat and tears”. She said, “well not everyone is willing to do all that, only extraordinary people like you”. Such a simple statement. I did not see myself as extraordinary at all, but the mirror of my support system said I am extraordinary. These are the opinions we ought to focus on. I know its hard to not get caught up in the negative, but everything takes practice.

Every time someone tries to drag me down into anger or bitterness, another friend of mine who has mastered the art of peace in her life always says to me “Don’t hitch a ride with them, let them go”. Many times people will approach you with the sole intention of getting a reaction out of you; you have an opportunity to decide to hitch a ride and go down the slippery slope with them or remain on the higher ground.

I was so curious about a male colleague of mine. We worked in a very negative environment. He was always calm and never let anything get to him. One day I asked him “Aren’t you pissed off?” He said “One day in high school a teacher punished me for fighting with a kid who was being racist to me. I got so angry, I felt the anger, bitterness and pain so deep in my soul. After a while, I decided I will never give someone the power to make me feel like that ever again.”

Wow! That was profound! A light bulb went up over my head because I now realised I was choosing to give this employer my power! I was deciding to hitch a ride in the negative bus, and I was ignoring all the other beautiful cheerleaders in my life.

How much power are you giving to the negative in comparison to the positive in your life?

Elegant Me
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  • Rosa Tjijombo
    Posted at 11:50h, 22 May Reply

    Good question..we tend to focus on the negative a lot, giving it power to drain our energy.

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