On which side of history are you on?

On which side of history are you on?

Thomas Sankara

Thomas Sankara

I am one of those people who are particularly nostalgic. I love period movies, music and fashion. And as an African child born only 2 years before Namibia’s independence I go through times when I overindulge in reading about the liberation struggles of many African nations, the songs the stories and the music. This always brings a deeper appreciation for our leaders. Who were then barely adults and yet so courageous and wise beyond their years because they did not have the privilege of fooling around and enjoying their childhood. I have a great fondness and a sincere appreciation for their tenacity and resilience.

Their audacity to look the enemy in the eyes and demand that they; be liberated always has me questioning who I would have been had I been born during that time. Would I have been quiet? An informant risking the lives of my brethren for my own benefit? Or Would I have been as courageous as the greats? I’ve pondered on this for quite some time now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that who I am today is the same person I would have been during those times of apartheid. My silence today on economic issues that Africa is facing today would have been the same silence I would have had during apartheid. Keeping my mouth shut and being a good Kaffir.

On which side of history are you on? Because history is being made with every day that you’re alive. Are you currently the equivalent of what was then known as puppets by only looking out for yourself? By benefiting from corrupt systems without considering your brethren who are starving to death in front of your very eyes? Or are you perhaps the fearless visionary leader, pure blood of our forefathers who not only fought for themselves but for their nations? Where will you be in the pages of history?

The second wind of change is sweeping across the African continent. We thank our liberators, but we can no longer ignore the gross economic injustice that the continent is under. Instead of placing blame I advocate for us to take over the torch and lead our motherland to a more sustainable economic development.

Be a part of something that’s greater than yourself.

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  • Puveri
    Posted at 16:26h, 07 March Reply

    Oman but what do we fight for in this day and time to be rich that’s it ….I always say we lack depth on serious issue we are trying to escape our reality through drugs and alcohol and social ladder leaving the weaker and voiceless down there …why because we are selfish and do not know what is sacrifice

    • modernafricanwomansite
      Posted at 18:12h, 07 March Reply

      I agree instead of lifting each other up there’s air of everyman for themselves and and we have forgotten about the spirit of Ubuntu

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