Shame, Shame Upon You…

Shame, Shame Upon You…


Its take an incredible amount of courage it takes to live authentically. It’s really not easy to not hide behind a persona. To stand fully in who God created you to be and say to the world “Here I am and I am not apologising for anything”, To say “here I am, and I am equal to all of you”. I am equal to Monarchs, presidents, philosophers, pop stars and the homeless man on the street. Standing in your truth is not easy. If it were, we’d all be free from shame…

Shame a word that envokes the feeling of it just by saying. “Tohoni”, cower because who you are isn’t good enough. “Kenohoni”, because not being ashamed of who you are is somewhat a disgrace. These are regular everyday phrases that have put a burden on people for many generations. To not be ashamed is to defy cultural expectations that are placed on young people especially African women.


It’s much easier to hide behind a persona. People choose personas based on how they think is best to protect themselves from inner pain. Are you really the “angry black girl” or is that just a protection? Are you even angry? If so why? Do you want to shout from the rooftops, tell everyone the source of your anger? No? Why not? Is it because then they will see you and shame you for not being as perfect as you seem on the Gram?

What if you shouted and told everyone your pain and they say “I hear you” “I feel you” “I stand with you” “I support you” “I thank you, had you not said it. I would have died.”

Shout your pain from the rooftops. You will get shamed, ridiculed, you will receive support, and you might save a life. Live authentically for yourself, for others and for the glory of God.

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