Striker vs Defence

Striker vs Defence

What’s your position?

In soccer, there are two leading positions that any soccer laymen like me are aware of.  Centre forward (Striker) and centre back (defence). The centre forward’s main purpose is to score a goal. The centre back’s primary purpose is to stop the centre-forward from scoring a goal.

When you get into a relationship with the wrong person you will always find yourself playing centre back (defence), your main goal becomes making sure this person doesn’t cheat, doesn’t abuse you or doesn’t betray you in any way. Your time and resources and thought process become invested in making sure your partner doesn’t score their goals. The choice to play centre back comes at the expense of playing centre-forward (Stiker), which is the equivalent of chasing your dreams and making sure your career goals are set stable, that you’re emotionally and physically healthy.

All positions in a soccer match matter but in your life, you want to play centre-forward always, and your life partner should be your second striker. The second striker also known as support striker is there to help the centre-forward score goals. In this case, score your life goals. Your life partner should be there to hold you accountable to your ambitions, and to make sure you’re taking care of your emotional needs. Note that I said “you’re taking care of your emotional needs” because that’s your responsibility to communicate them so they can be met but that’s a conversation for another day.

If your partner isn’t your second striker than they are a distraction you might want to reconsider the whole relationship.

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