The Circle of Stagnation

The Circle of Stagnation

The San Diego Zoo found out that Cheetahs are very nervous animals and that in order for them to be comfortable they are paired up with dogs from a young age. I saw the cute photos of Cheetahs and their dog buddies and the Instagram comment section was filled with Oohs and Awes… It bothered me because, from learning about animals in my native Namibia I know Cheetahs are graceful, majestic and are able to run 120 km/h. Now that they are confined to limited space they are labelled as nervous and need a dog to be ok.

They are in what I call “the circle of stagnation”. These animals were made to hunt, to move with the flow of life. There’s an urge in them to pursue a prey and to conquer it before enjoying their dinner. If they are being confined to a small space they are being denied of their natural instincts.  They are no longer in alignment with the flow of their lives.

The same thing happens to human beings. When you find yourself in repetitive situations and feel like you’re not going anywhere and like the Cheetahs of San Diego Zoo certain labels will be attached to you. That you’re maybe always so angry, bitter and or negative; but you’re just frustrated because you’re no longer in alignment with the flow of your life. You’re not running the full 120 km/h that you were meant to run. Use this unease as a guide to where you need to be.

Bless you.

Elegant Me
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