The pull-down effect

The pull-down effect

Pull down effect

~Not Even Me~

So now you’ve figured it out, you know what your calling is or maybe not but you kind of know what is most appealing to you regarding the path of your life. But it’s too risky! I mean you’re now a certain age, and your peers are way ahead of you. If you fail in this one thing you desire that’s it, you would have failed in life. As a coping mechanism, we tend to fall back onto plan B.

I realised that I had the habit of settling for plan B in the most mundane of ways. I once was looking for a specific bottle of perfume, and I couldn’t find it, so I settled for another. The funny thing is to this day I detest the scent of my second choice. I have concluded that second choices will smell good enough at first but in the end, they stink.

There are tons of mental roadblocks stop us from really pursuing plan A with gusto. I say mental roadblocks because most of them aren’t real. Some reasons are legit and scary. Like quitting your job to start a business while you have a family relying on your health care benefits is very risky. But some exceptional people have succeeded. Even those who failed have succeeded because they have dared! The fear of the unknown is one of the major powers of the pull-down effect. What’s interesting even if you don’t go for what you want the fear remains in the form of “what if?”

The pull-down effect happens when you try to reach out to something higher than what you currently have, and you get dragged down back into your comfort zone. In the same manner as the Law of Gravity. If the pull-down effect weren’t so real, there would be a lot more people who are happily fulfilling their callings and living their best life.

The same way eagles and aeroplanes defy gravity you too can defy the pull-down effect.



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