What else am I supposed to be insecure about today?

What else am I supposed to be insecure about today?

I went to the drug store yesterday in search of facial cleanser, and I came across this Neutrogena cleanser on sale. Neutrogena is that brand that Kerry Washington advertises “Can your makeup remover do all that? Neutrogena”  I just love how she speaks. She has this innocent way of speaking like a lisp but not really. Anyway according to the label the cleanser minimizes the appearance of pores. I walked over to that makeup mirror to look at my pores, shrugged and bought the cleanser. I guess my pores could be smaller, right?

I’ve used it once so far, and I love it. While in the bathroom I started to check for my pores, you know to see if they had gotten smaller. I then realised wait a minute I had no issue with the size of my pores until I went to the drug store. So I did what I normally do when I need answers, I Googled  “Why do I need to minimize my pores?” Guess what no reason at all. Just a bunch of advertisers telling you, you need to have smaller pores, and to have smaller pores, you have to buy their product.

Corporations are making tons of money off of our insecurities and until we develop a sense of high intrinsic security in who we, they’ll continue to exploit us. It’s not my first time speaking on these matters see my article Body Image as well.


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