Who’s got the power?

Who’s got the power?

Cos it ain’t you


You don’t have the power to dim the light that shines from within you. I mean you can try. By lowering yourself to the standards of those around you, people you should be around in the first place. Others might convince you that your light is not there and that you are nothing special. But it’s still not going to go away. There will be people who will attack you because it’s shining in their face and you’ll wonder “What have I done to these people? Don’t they see how broke and broken I am?” You can try to hide it, you can try to squash it, so it might not offend others. This light is a Godly light, and it will not go away for your convenience. It’ll bring you pain. Pain from hiding it and pain from the envious once you release it.
Choose to release it anyway. Because the joy that comes from bright lights is more intense than whatever pain the envious will cause. Choose you, choose your light so that you might please God.

PS: If you’re a people pleaser like me (previous article) you might want to use all that “people pleasing” energy to please God. How about that?

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    Posted at 04:21h, 19 December Reply

    I genuinely love that message very powerful! Keep it up.

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