You know that you know

You know that you know

I went to get my hair coloured yesterday. I wanted a big bold red! I sat in the chair, and this lady did her thing, in between asking for the opinion of another hairdresser. Now you know that can’t be good. Your hairdresser asking for a second opinion!

The Color came out bad. I wanted tones and highlights. If the colour had come out flat, I would have maybe kept it. Not only did it come out flat there were patches of black and patches of way too red. I was upset.

The hairdresser, the barber and some patrons tried their best to console me and convince me that I looked amazing. I was so angry I left, stopped by the drug store and picked up black dye and coloured my hair the same day even though it was highly not recommended by the clerk at the drug store.

What is the purpose of all this talk you ask? The purpose is to tell you no matter how much anyone tells you that something is good for you, for your life if you feel that it’s not then it’s not. All the answers for our lives are inside us. If you’re asking everyone around you what you should do, what you should wear, what you should study, You’re doing it all wrong. I always know when I look good when I look good in an outfit. I know, and the mirror knows and my soul dances with excitement and satisfaction. I believe every decision concerning our lives should make your souls dance. You should be so, ok with it that you don’t have to wait for anyone to cosign it. It shouldn’t matter if someone thinks its the best one yet or not a good one at all. On my Instagram page @elegant_quotess I made this quote:

“Not everyone will agree 100% with your decisions, and that’s ok.”

In our hearts, we know that we know what is best for us. Just sit and be quiet and listen to that voice inside. There your answers will be. The Bible has one of my favourite verse that says: “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth” Psalm 46:10.



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