You’re in the way, MOVE!

You’re in the way, MOVE!

Yikes! I found myself slipping into an old habit of shrinking myself to make other people comfortable around me. When I’m in a situation where I feel I may be intimidating to someone or I’m at a better place in my life than they are I start being self-deprecating and make myself appear so small and irrelevant to accommodate their insecurities and imaginary inadequacies. This habit really eats away at my soul.

The funny thing is no one really requires this from me. I just make assumptions and overcompensate for my light that’s shining in someone else’s eyes. By doing this, I am actually doing them a disservice. Who’s to say that maybe God put me in their presence to give them a glimpse of what their lives could be if they followed the gentle nudging of the holy spirit into their destiny?

No wonder this eats at my soul because I’m too busy standing in the way of God’s work. I need to get over myself because it was never about me in the first place. Shine, Your light is for the benefit of everyone around you. Dimming it is not humility and shining it is not arrogance. Be brave and hold your head high, you have been called according to His purpose by simply living your best life!

Enjoy the rest of your week elegant beasts!

Elegant Me
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